Mariela Limerutti Visual Artist, Argentina.


Fire Arts
San Juan/Argentina

The procedures with Enamel on metal technique used here are:

Traditional Enameled: Champlevé Enamel or under-relief Enamel. Basse Tailler. Enameled by dry way. Enameled by humid way.

Modern Enameled: Drawing procedure. Pattern procedure. Enamel in beads.

A self-portrait is presented as a sign of identity, but in an image where the face melts with the city. The representation of the face loses the reference points with myself. It has come off. The city map, which was taken from a satellite picture, occupies the space of the face. San Juan city is now the point of reference of the face and vice versa. In this map there is a likeness of the portrait with the author (self-portrait) and similarity between the portrait and the satellite picture of San Juan city. The play of similarities is begun through mimicry sometimes hazardous, sometimes forced among the parts.

Foucault says "... It is enough that in the same picture, there are two images bound laterally by a relationship of similarity so that the reference to the exterior of a model by the way of likeness is at the moment disturbed and it becomes uncertain and floating... "

A clear face transmits multiple messages which are allowed to be read in it. The face can be contemplated as a geographical map with representations of elevations and depressions. The concept of limits is involved like a topologic element that divides areas exactly by the lines of streets that the satellite map imposes.

The face is a structure that, as a constellation, has referential points. The "fisionogmía" is the prediction of the character through the facial figuration. Michel Scot in 1272 wrote a book where he fused the physiognomy and the astrology, so there it could be read the destination of the lines of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury that the forehead marks.