Mariela Limerutti Visual Artist, Argentina.


San Juan/Argentina

An atlas meets maps of this fictitious island whose scale and location were built with real cartographic methods. The Imprecise Island is located in a map of South America.

From the definition of threshold as a limit between two different things, as a point that marks the difference, dividing, it becomes important here, the words limit and metamorphosis as opposite.The threshold is contained in the maps, but it is ambiguous and uncertain. The change is not detected. There is not a distinctive limit between the diffuse and the visible, between fantasy and reality. In the indefinite limit of this work the cartographic and the artistic are fused. The un-precise is related in this project with the confused relation among words, their meanings and their representation. The stain and the overflow make themselves noticeable at the moment of defining things, of framing them inside a concept; that then they are redefined in a new way according to the place and the moment one is and the way they are observed and thought. Duchamp said: " I try to dominate the uncertain". (MINK, Janis. Duchamp-El Arte contra el Arte. Editorial Taschen 39). I try to play with the imprecise and incoherent; adjetiving, subjetiving and giving another meaning to the sense of the map.

These metamorphosed maps don't serve the purpose of orientation. There is no function. Then, the superficiality of the object is accentuated. The map becomes a self-referring work. The significance of the apparatus increases, since the meaning is changed. As Foucault said, mentioning a Jorge Luis Borges story: "... it dries off the purpose wrapping in sterility the lyricism of the sentences..." (FOUCAULT, Michel. The Order of Things). This work plays with the limits of certain things, facts and ideas. It tries to overflow the thresholds of the determined to get to the unnamed.