Mariela Limerutti Visual Artist, Argentina.


Valencia, Spain.

During my stay in Valencia, Spain, as a scholarship holder at the Valencia Polytechnic University; the map of this city became an essential daily element for me. My view of the city was a foreign one; as a voyeur I discovered places and each new place was a finding. This motivated/moved me to work in a real map of Valencia city with a personal vision, with data of my own space recognition.

This map was intervened with the Jorge Luis Borgesī text "Of the Rigor in the Science". Its letters were used in a sense of geographical location, adapting the text to the division of the space in the map. Some of the letters of the text worked as reference icons to the place of the city. So, a red letter marked in the map, pointed to the initial of an image located in a real place. The image was described in the references at the bottom of the map. These were personal visual experiences in the city of Valencia.

The map-work in its combination of two different matrixes, Writing and Cartography, worked as a new message: This map contained a text, and thanks to this text-map, the city of Valencia contained the text too. "... All physical description refers to observations, to measures; and there doesn't exist a measure without a mark, without an irreversible production of a trace... It is observation which gives sense to the event, and not the other way around." (PRIGOGINE, Ilya. The Rediscovery of time. p. 2)

Kesllerīs thoughts about the difference between the tourist, the browser and the traveller are important in the conception of this work, different walkers that observe a landscape like a visual object. It is the traveller's attitude the one that was adopted in the realization of this project; as he goes without any precise method, he has a tactile and visual relationship with the place. The traveller doesn't just look; it crosses the landscape in a dynamic that involves all senses. The traveller pays attention to duration, space, and memory matters. The traveller's image is being built on the way. He is interested in the interpretation and understanding of the place.

The map-work ended on a location map placed inside the premises of the Valencia Polytechnic University.