Mariela Limerutti Visual Artist, Argentina.

Before eating it was read differently-Quotation of Friedrich Schiller)

Main Square of Jena, Germany

(Before eating it was read differently-Quotation of Friedrich Schiller)
Material: Bread
Intervention in the market square of Jena, Germany, 2005

The market square is a prototype of a public space, a communication and meeting point, center around which purchases, sales and exchanges take place. There comes together tradition and most of the present social life. Regular moving on this site is maintained by the everyday reciprocity. The intention of this work of art was to intervene the context of this public and historical place and to adapt itself to it, respecting its codes and learning its customs and values.

This Friedrich Schillerīs quotation was built out of bread. Every letter was baked in an average size of 40 x 60 cm, completing a sentence 11 meters long. The work intervened in Jena market square for one month during regular market hours. Every day one different letter of the dried bread sentence was replaced with a fresh one and offered in slices to the public. The letters consumed were replaced by the original ones, so the phrase was always complete, but only one letter was missing, the one that was eaten during the day.

Here the bread element, which belongs to the field of gastronomy, intended for the human body, is a sculptural material to build signs of written language. Writing that is literature, aimed at the human intellect. The chosen quotation exposes the tension between body and soul, between physical and spiritual needs, between body manifestations and thoughts. With this edible work of art I wanted to produce the fusion of the "sensuous" and "form" drive of Schiller of language and food; to question the position that thoughts and body take in our life. In this daily play of human necessities it is important to reflect on which role art plays among our basic human necessities.