Mariela Limerutti Visual Artist, Argentina.

Material: Flour and Salt - 15 kg
Main Post Office

San Juan/Argentina

This ephemeral work had the intention of transforming San Juan city into a true map. The artificial limit of the city would be used as the border for the work done. To get it, a common sign of the historical representation of maps was used: the compass card. The intention was to fuse the represented thing with its representation. That is, the real land and its physical limits were seen as a map, and the drawing map, was itself the city. The idea was also to provoke relief through drawing.

This work was carried out not in a museum but in a public space where people could step on and erase it. Thus, it was disrupted, modified, and erased until disappearing. For a while, the scale of the work transformed the city into a large map. It lasted a few hours to disappear, to remain, perhaps in the memory and become just a remembrance.

The geographical place where this compass card was represented was a place thematically and formally uncentred: the east sidewalk of the main post office.