Mariela Limerutti Visual Artist, Argentina.

San Juan, Argentina, 2007

The project was about people´s wishes for the New Year. Every person who was around that place could get a small square-paper which had a simple text. They did not have to write or answer anything. Just to think of a wish for the New Year, wrinkle the paper and then, leave it in a collecting box.

This action was related to the popular practice of making a wish when a shooting star falls. Making a wish and wrinkling the paper, the public transformed its desire symbolically into a star. As soon as people's wishes were collected, they were tacked and installed in the airspaces of the shop. Star-wishes were invaded and inhabited that sky where its multiplicity through thousands and thousands were matched in the uniformity of those wrinkled modules.

Basted/ Tacked wishes constellations were being built and they were growing as time passed, and people got involved. At the end of the project, the ceilings of the premises housed more than 15,000 threaded star-wishes.