Mariela Limerutti Visual Artist, Argentina.

General cordination of this event
San Juan - Argentina 2012

General Coordination of the artistic event "Creative Spaces in Public Spaces" developed in various locations in the city as part of the V World Congress for Children and Adolescents Rights, San Juan, Argentina 2012 and the 1 ° National Congress and 6° Provincial Children and Adolescents Congress.

The activities were done on 16, 17 and 18 October 2012 during 8 hours daily at 4 points of the city: Next to the Convention Center, Laprida Square, green spaces in Av. Libertador and Av. Las Heras and the intersection of Av. Spain and Av Ignacio de la Roza.

This intention was to bring artistic expression to public spaces where people were approached by chance by the performances: People in their cars at the traffic lights, or waiting for buses, in taxis, or coming out of the Congress forums and activities, etc. As street performances, without scenery, they founded an unsuspecting public, producing a massive impact in different places of San Juan city.

Participating Artists

Mostly Children and teenagers, and adults too performed their artistic expression in relation to childhood.

Many participants of the Music School of the University presented their performances in piano, clarinet, flute, violin, cello, saxophone, percussion and guitar.

Art students of the Polyvalent College made proposals of artistic makeup, cartoon, painting, drawing, folk dance, singing and murga.

Four teenagers groups of rock had repeatedly participation.
Also well known groups participated at the event with their performances of rock, blues, jazz, folk and tango.

A ballet group involved proposals of traditional and contemporary Latin American dances starring children as well.
The event had its privileged moment with the participation of the Choir of Hard of Hearing children who thrilled everyone with their signs.

Also the Children's Choir and the Youth Orchestra of the Childhood Department and Popular Orchestra of a Foundation supported by the Human Rights Ministry were part of this event.

Gabriel Dávila Kurbán ran his repertoire with guitar and harmonica.
The production team 3DAR presented at these open spaces a proposal for electronic music, guitar and a saw used as a musical instrument, complemented by visual projection. Also they presented as finissage of the event an animation film of his ownership.

There was also the Popular Band of the SENAF with electrical and wind format.